Upload Lists

Get started by uploading the list of addresses you want to target.

Owner Info

Get owner phone numbers, emails, and mailing addresses for your target list

Set Marketing

Set your automated marketing schedule, messaging, and contact type.

Contact more owners in less time to land more deals. All in one package.


Don’t let targets fall through the cracks. PropSpy automates sending Postcards, sms, voicemails, and emails on a schedule that you set. Forget about manually uploading lists every week or month or keeping track of what marketing went to what prospect. Propspy automates that process for you so you can focus on more productive activities.

◎    Keep track of your marketing schedule
◎    Don’t let prospects fall through the cracks
◎    Automate a process that would require a staff
◎    Target sellers through multiple methods


your goals

Let PropSpy handle the time consuming effort of sending out marketing material manually. Thus allowing you to focus on what is important!

Get Focused

Quick access to all your marketing schedules so you know exactly who you are reaching.

Expand Your Voice

Massive contact abilities to increase awareness. SMS, Voicemail, Emails & Postcards. All automatically sent out daily.

Get Informed

Collect all the needed contact information for your owners. No more hunting down phone numbers. PropSpy has it all at the touch of a finger.


Let's grow

Start out today and see how simple it can be to automate your real estate business. We want to see your business grow and give you the tools to excel.


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