We live in the age of big data, which means that we can target sellers based on their particular situation. We can target sellers based on geography. We can target them based on the condition of their properties. And so on. We have the technology. We don’t have to set up passive yard signs or passive web forms. We can be pro-active. We can target our sellers and we can get those deals ourselves.

But tailoring a marketing campaign to a list is a tedious ordeal. Have you ever tried to organize a continual direct mail campaign? It’s a cluster-. Lists and list and mailing addresses, and dates, and it gets overwhelming.

I’m a real estate investor just like you. And I got tired of keeping track of marketing lists and manually sending my lists to print companies to send out direct mail campaigns. Heck, I got tired of only doing direct mail campaigns.  Who reads their mail these days anyway? I was missing out, and I knew it.

I needed to get in my seller’s ear, literally. I needed to call them, but I didn’t have time to call hundreds of potential sellers, keep track of their responses, and then call them again in a month (along with next month’s list). I would need a small army to manage that. I wanted to send sms messages too, but now my entire day would consist of managing phone calls and texts and mail campaigns. Shoot me now. This isn’t real estate!

Besides, I still had a day job and couldn’t dedicate that much time to making phone calls. Hiring a staff was cost prohibitive. So, I knew that if I was going to build this type of real estate business, then I had to automate my real estate marketing. So I did.

We created PropSpy.

With PropSpy, you upload your list of properties, get the owner’s contact information, set your marketing messages schedule, and launch. PropSpy automates everything. Postcards, sms, voicemails, and emails go out on the schedule you set. The responses are sent back to you, and you can focus on real estate. What used to take a staff of half a dozen people to manage can be accomplished by you at your desk in a few minutes at a ridiculously low cost.

There’s a $10 dollar trial available, so this is a no brainer.

Let’s run our investment business like a business. Let’s buy properties. Let’s grow. And let’s do it now.

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